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Wageman Chiropractic

Wageman Chiropractic receives positive feedback from many of our customers. We want to share those comments with you to reassure you of our professionalism and allow you to learn more about specific experiences. We will update this page with more testimonials as we get them, so check back on this page for more info.

"It went very well."
-Mary Canrey
"Dr. Wageman is efficient and proficient in his services. Knowledgeable and shares knowledge with patient. Very caring and pleasant. "
-Carolynn Slater
"I hurt my back and thank goodness the Dr. was able to see me. I had to be carried in and when I left, I could walk on my own. Dr. Wageman is a God-send. I feel great."
-Martha Kehew
"Weekly back adjustments keep me in top shape. Have not been sick or had a cold for years. Explains everything."
-Ronald and Janice Brumm
"Wageman Chiropractic is a lifesaver. After my car accident, my back hurt so much I could not bend down to put on my shoes. Instead of strong drugs with side effects, I got a series of treatments at his office and made a full recovery."
"Dr. Wageman really cares about you as a person. I couldn't figure out why my hip joints were hurting so much lately. He suggested I make a small change in my diet that would reduce inflammation. That combined with a few of his treatments made a huge difference. I feel so much better!"
"I totally messed up my ankle during a volleyball game last year. Even after days of the usual ice and elevation, I still winced when walking on it. I visited Wageman Chiropractic where they were able to realign the joint and loosen some knots in the muscles. My ankle is completely back to normal."
"My doctor wondered if my headaches were caused by the tension in my neck. He recommended Wageman Chiropractic for his neck pain care and after three treatments, my headaches are gone!"

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